Alex Chigos has been designing and programming medical software since 1980, starting with pre IBM-PC hardware such as the Texas Instruments 990 minicomputer. In 1992, he developed a complete Unix/Linux based medical practice management system called X-Med ® and successfully marketed and supported this system nationally. This product became the first complete Linux based practice management software in the United States.

Mr. Chigos has always written computer software with great attention to detail. He holds the philosophy of providing the user with an easy to use, easy to understand and robust user interface as a way of increasing efficiency for both the user and the vendor support staff. This approach increases productivity by virtually eliminating downtime and keeping both users and support staff off the phone. His design style incorporates an intuitive, self prompting user interface that minimizes training requirements so that new employees and users can rapidly become productive.

In addition, he is an expert in government standards for electronic data interchange (EDI) and HIPAA. He has worked with hundreds of doctors and thousands of health care staff and insurance industry representatives over the past 30 plus years. As the lead developer, Mr. Chigos brings his vast experience in developing and maintaining software for health care providers and their staff to the Cybax team.